Will Brian be the actual photographer at our wedding?  
Absolutely.  Brian never contracts weddings out to other photographers.  Brian will often bring an assistant to your wedding, but you will always know in advance.

What kind of deposit is required and when is the remainder due?  
Brian asks for a retainer when you book and the remainder two weeks before your wedding.

How many photos and locations do we get?  
Time is usually the deciding factor.  Just remember that more locations usually means less time for photos.

When should we have Brian start and finish?  
It is entirely up to you depending on how much time you want to book.  You could have Brian start in the salon and go until last call if you like.  A great compromise is to have Brian start just before you put on your dress and finish after the first dance.

How much time should we allow for photos between the ceremony and reception?  
Ninety minutes of actual shooting is usually enough.  Having someone familiar with both families can really help speed things up.  Also remember, you’ll want time to mingle with your guests immediately after the ceremony and time to freshen up before the reception.  This can often mean two or three hours total is necessary.

What does edited high resolution files mean?  
Selected photos will be colour corrected and balanced to print perfectly.  High resolution files are high quality jpeg’s suitable for large prints.

Why should we have an engagement shoot?  
Engagement shoots are a fantastic way to bond with your photographer.  It is also a great way to get comfortable in front of the lens to help you be more natural on your wedding day.  Brian likes to kick back with you over a cold drink during your shoot to get to know you both better.  All this will improve your actual wedding photos and you’ll get some great casual engagement shots you’ll be sure to love.

We’ve booked Brian as our photographer, now what should we do?  
Stay in touch with Brian and let him know how your plans are coming along.  Now is a great time to bounce photo and location ideas around and get to know each other better.  Brian will want to meet with you a couple weeks before your wedding to finalize the plans and tie up any loose ends.

What will Brian wear to our wedding?  
Brian just doesn’t look good in jean shorts, so he wears dress shirts and pants to weddings.

What kind of preparations do we make if Brian is covering our reception?
Brian prefers to be seated with your guests to blend in and get better candid shots.  Brian prefers a vegetarian meal if it is offered.

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?  
Don’t worry, you’ll have good luck and you will still get great shots.  Rain locations are always worked out ahead of time but are often not necessary.  Brian can still shoot in light rain and it seldom rains all day.

What happens if Brian gets sick and is unable to shoot my wedding?
In over ten years, Brian has never missed a wedding.  Just to be safe though, Brian belongs to a large network of skilled photographers who can help out in an emergency.

Where should we have photos printed?
You will get the best prints if you order them directly from Brian, but you are free to have them done anywhere.